Been There, Done That!

1959 Honolulu view

Fisherman's Wharf, circa 1975, Marina del Rey, CA

Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles)

"Sun Sabre" Port au Prince, Haiti

Labadee (Area in Haiti owned or used by RCCL for its passengers)


Ocho Rios Hotel, Jamaica

Climbing Dunns Rivers Falls in Jamaica with a couple of shipmates (from England)

Curacao - Lovely town, surprizingly arid island with a pathetic zoo.

Honeymoon Bay at St. Johns U.S. Virgin Islands


St. Thomas (from the top of the Mountain)

Bali Hai is calling...This is actually Shark's Tooth Mt. on Moorea but it was used as Bali Hai in the movie South Pacific

Tahitian Sunset

Lisbon, Portugal

Malaga, Spain

Ville Franche, part of the French Riviera and where a portion of "An Affair to Remember" was filmed so long ago (with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr).


Another view of Ville Franche

Sidewalk cafe overlooking bay at Ville Franche. The waiter is one of those Frenchmen who give France a bad name due to his rudeness.

On the road to Monte Carlo and Monoco

Palace in Monoco. Prince was not there (flag not up on flagpole tells that tale)

Palace guards. If they saw someone trying to take a picture they ran and stopped the individual(s) from doing so. Guess who didn't get caught!

Cathedral in Monaco where Princess Grace interred

The casino at Monte Carlo. Very big, very posh but nobody on the tour was allowed in the main room. Slot machine area only was open to the "riff raff".

Pont de Vecchio in Florence

Florence Classic Statue

Florence Classic Statue

On the road to Piza

Piza Cathedral

Leaning Tower of Piza

Pillars on the main street of Pompeii

Tombs on the edge of Pompeii - used to be beside the sea which is now about 20 miles away.

Knossos (Minoan) Palace on Crete outside of Heraklion. Minoan Civilization over 3500 years old, probably the oldest known in Europe.

The Acropolis in Athens

Tower Bridge over the Thames

The Boys from Atlanta - picture taken on a Jazz Cruise on the Norway with Maggie. Twelve of these gentlemen were on the cruise celebrating many birthdays.

Wildflowers near Barstow

This is North Sawyer Glacier on Tracy Arm Fjord taken during my Alaskan cruise. I have seen many pictures of glaciers but still had no idea how brilliant the colors were..

This is one of my favorite pics taken on my Alaskan cruise. I really lucked out getting what looks like a "seal-berg" to me. Right after the Tracy Arms glacier - it may very well been a "calf" from it.

Panama Canal Entrance at dawn