Don - my ole friend

Suzi and I met in 1964-65 when we joined the Marina Ford Mustang Club. Eventually we became roommates and good pals.

My dear ole friend, Alphonse in 1972

My dear, dear minister and his wonderful wife: Bill and Connie

Rene (pronounced Reenie) was a dear friend I met when I first moved here. She moved up north to be near her son. Passed from cancer.

I met Janice Sue while playing in Yahoo Hearts. We soon became partners against a couple of other regulars. That was four years ago and by now we are fast friends even though we have never met in person. Just proves that good things DO come on the Web!

Skinny Minnie Janice Sue in 2003

My rediscovered friend Jim (from 60 years ago at Beverly Hills High School)

On the far left Helen J. with whom I worked and became friends with when I managed a Luxury Apt. in Brentwood (Ca) We bowled together for many years. On the far right (can you believe THAT redhead?) me, standing next to my boss Bill B. Nobody could ask for a better boss. He taught me so much and, like the Army, helped me be the best I could be! (Thanks again, Bill).

Taken at Palma de Mallorca's version of Medieval Times (in Anaheim) in 1983 when I met Maggie. Her Manager (and former husband Nick) is sitting to the far left. He was such a lovely man! The rest of us in the picture were their table mates!

My very dear friend for quite a few years, Martha Raye, aka Colonel Maggie to her many friends in the service, and Maggie to her personal friends. We met on a cruise in 1983. This picture was taken at a surprise 70th birthday party for her.


In 1997 I took a cruise through the Panama Canal at which time I met this lovely English couple, Joyce and George. Joyce and I have kept in touch ever since and she has turned into a dear friend.

Toni, her husband (now passed on) and granddaughter. A very supportive, sweet lady! Toni and her husband have both shared cancer experiences with me. I guess we have our own personal support group.

Toni in June 2004. She supplies me with some wonderful graphics.

Sherrain - A very dear friend and one who helps me a lot!

Shirl - Another very dear friend and one who helps me.