Ensenada Cruise

November 2000

Dorie, Dona & Fred - "The Gang" Embarking

Happy Birthday Doranne! (Note the streamers in the background)

Dorie is ready for the "Man Overboard" test. . . (Little does she know now that she will be wearing the man overboard vest, he he he!)

(Fred's giggling 'cause he knows who's wearing the test vest)

Poor, poor Dona. She got separated from "The Gang" and now seems to be lost?

Not to worry though, Dona & Fred survive to smile again! Dorie, where are you?

There is more laughter, but no Doranne?

Dorie is "not available now"!

We leave the lights of San Pedro, as the ship rolls gently in the swell on its way to Mexico. . .

Ensenada is beautiful. Rain just passed and skies are turning blue, the air is clean and the turistas are headed towards town, pockets full of dinero!

This is the marina area of Ensenada,

And this is the "working" harbor, the home of the "Mexican Navy". . .

But a cruise is not a cruise without the "BUFFET"! This is the fruit display.

And the fish emerge from watermelons!

Chickens play in a three piece band!

"Jack" had himself cloned. . .

While the sea otters and such lay around in "loaves" around the cheese display. . .

And let the chocolate flow, in grand buffet style!

There were the required "island sunsets". . .

A new one each day!

Always have to have a "bird rock", and this was ours off Catalina.

The perfect island shoreline, Catalina's here. (Notice how close we are to the shore in our cruise ship. Think the captain was showing off?)

Here at the Isthmus, the captain turned the ship around in its own length. Way to go, Skipper!

And no seagoing adventure is complete without Jonathon Livingston. . .


Come with me, my love - time to go to the cabin. . . !