Ensenada Cruise June 2004


The Ship - Monarch of the Seas





The Main Lobby - four stories deep...


The Main Lobby and shops - pretty glitzy, eh?


One of the glass elevators on the ship.


Why a rock climbing wall on board the ship escapes me... And you can see the excitement it is creating amongst the passengers!


Our stateroom.


From another view (thank you Dorie!)


And yet another view...


Dona and Fred lounging on our balcony. Now this is our idea of cruising!


The safety drill at the outset of the cruise.


Dona and Dorie "drilling"!


Just as we were departing, the helicopter from Catalina Island landed.


This is the maritime museum in San Pedro.


We also passed Ports 'O Call as we left. Notice how high up we are. This is taken from our stateroom balcony on Deck 10. There were 14 decks to the ship!


We were escorted out of the harbor by the Coast Guard.


This is the Mexican Navy escorting us out of Ensenada. See any similarities? (Well, there ARE 2 motors, the guys ARE wearing uniforms and life jackets, and the boats both float...)


The lighthouse at the breakwater of Los Angeles Harbor. Now we know why the Pacific is named as it is. Can you guess which side is the ocean and which is the harbor? (The ocean is on the left...)


Jonathon Livingston hitched a ride on the ship for awhile! He was well fed for his efforts, too.


The reason for the cruise was to gather Dona's High School Class (Newbury Park - 1974) together and remember the "good ol' days". This was the first gathering as the cruise began.


More of the gathering...


Even more gathering!!!


The group gathered again to exchange "memory" gifts. There were many great memories exchanged via these gifts.


And the gifts were indeed exchanged, "stolen" in some cases, and then exchanged again!


More impromptu gathering...


Dona's childhood friend, Kherna and her husband Richard.

Dona and Kherna reminiscing blissfully!


Dorie hugging her buddy, "Green Glass" the piano player (HeHeHe!)


Fred sailing the ship. All is well and under control.


Dorie takes over in grand style!


Then the waiter shows up. (Dorie thinks he's a "hottie"! )

The waiter has been by several times and Dorie now seems to be having a difficult time with the ship!

Oh M'Gosh! Abandon ship!!!


After the Captain regains control of the ship and Dorie has a chance to recover, she has her protrait taken. Pretty good lookin', if you ask me!


Dona & Fred did a portrait as well....


Then Dorie took a picture and got them giggling...


Then they settled down for a happy shot...


Fred and Dona at the Captain's dinner. It was wonderful!


Dona at dinner...


The room steward graced us with a towel elephant. The night before it was a little towel doggie...


Our day at sea brought out the wave runners from Catalina to "show off"!


With Catalina Island in the background, the ship has an afternoon party in the sun! As you can see, a great time was had by all...


Whereby we then sailed off into the California sunset! Adios 'til next time...