Whale Watching with NAI

March 29, 2003

Santa Barbara Channel


Fred & Dona as we board the boat

"Splash Girl", with Anacapa Island on the horizon

Some dolphin came along side under the water

They turned out to be jumpers

So we all got great pictures!

Now this is what we came for - "Thar She Blows!"

After the "blow" comes the huge hump, gracefully rising out of the water

And then the Fluke - just before vanishing. The sequence then repeats itself with the vaporized cloud of the "blow", etc.

We then headed for Santa Cruz Island (Anacapa Island in the distance on the left horizon). Pretty "rough" out there, eh?

We dropped off some campers at Santa Cruz Island. (Well, maybe "pushed off" is more like it!)

On the way to pick up a couple of folks at Prisoners Harbor, we passed this beach of sea lions basking in the warm, spring sun (75 degrees)

The "pickup" at Prisoner's Harbor Pier

One of the many oil rigs offshore

Smiles after a Super day on the water

A great time was indeed had by everyone! 'Til another time...

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